Military Move

Nov. 12, 2019

75 Years of VA Home Loan Benefits

75 Years of VA Home Loan Benefits

75 Years of VA Home Loan Benefits | MyKCM

Today, on Veterans Day, we salute those who have served our country in war or peace, and we thank them for their sacrifice.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of VA Home Loan Benefit offerings through the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, also known ...

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Sept. 3, 2019

5 Real Estate Reality TV Myths Explained

5 Real Estate Reality TV Myths Explained

5 Real Estate Reality TV Myths Explained | MyKCM

Have you ever been flipping through the channels, only to find yourself glued to the couch in an HGTV binge session? We’ve all been there, watching entire seasons of shows like “Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper,” and “Love It or List ...

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Aug. 27, 2019

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your House


Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your House | MyKCM

As a homeowner, it’s always tempting to dream about the next big project you’re going to tackle. The possibilities are endless. Should I renovate? Should I refinance? Should I stay? Should I move? The list goes on and on.

In today’s housing market, it’s actually a great time to ...

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Aug. 20, 2019

Is Renting Right for Me?


Is Renting Right for Me? | MyKCM

If you’re currently renting and have dreams of owning your own home, it may be a good time to think about your next move. With rent costs rising annually and many helpful down payment assistance programs available, homeownership may be closer than you realize.

According to the 2018 Bank ...

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Feb. 20, 2019

How Savannah Got Her Groove Back

Life is defined by moments. 










There are many moments in my life that I can pinpoint to the very day, that something life-changing happened.  The day I met my future husband, the day we made it official, the day ...

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July 19, 2018

Why You Should Accept A VA Offer

This we week we are talking to our sellers about why you should accept a VA loan offer! Don't listen to the rumors you've heard because using a VA buyer can, in fact, benefit you as the seller. For one, if the appraisal comes back lower than the ...

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Dec. 13, 2017



PCSing is a stressful time. We know because we've been there. Today we have four helpful tips on if you are buying or renting while PCSing to hopefully make your transition a little smoother.

1. Call us! Even if you're not in Colorado or PCSing to Colorado, we ...

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July 19, 2017

Top Five: Myths About Buying

This week we are going to discuss five myths when buying a home. Buying a home can be intimidating but we are here to help you in any way we can! Just because you don't have perfect credit or can't afford a down payment doesn't mean that ...

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June 30, 2017

Buying a Home Sight Unseen

Being in a city that has a heavy population of military we often run into people who have to buy their home sight unseen. Buying a home can be scary enough let alone purchasing it before seeing it in person. First, it's important to hire a reliable agent (like ...

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May 4, 2017

Resales vs New Builds

In this week's video, we are discussing the differences between purchasing a new build versus a resale. 

Time to Get Into Home: 30-45 Days
Negotiate Price: Yes
Property Taxes: Set in stone, may fluctuate a little, but you won't see a major increase on top of ...

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